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Water Features

Water Features Reading, PAA landscape will not be complete without a water feature. Water features, such as ponds, cascading waterfalls, garden streams, and fountains, bring to life an otherwise dull spot in your outdoor space. Aside from the natural soothing sound of flowing water, a water feature simply transforms your spaces into tranquil retreats, creates a centerpiece for your front yard or garden, or complements the outdoor areas you use for entertaining guests.

Note that a water feature must be designed and built by landscape experts. WORMS Hardscaping & Landscaping can design and build your desired water features. Our creative team takes into careful consideration the materials we use, location, accessibility, and design of your water amenities. We have worked with satisfied clients and completed projects around PA, including Reading, Mohnton, Lancaster, Pottstown, Lebanon, Hamburg, Leesport, Berks County, Chester County, and Kenhorst. Drop us a line at (610) 777-4444, and let us help you create sustainable and nature-like water features that best serve your property spaces, personal preferences, and budget.

Water Fountains

Water fountains are the simplest and oldest form of water features to add to your landscaped area. Since ancient times, Greeks and Romans have built their fountains in their courtyards. Now, fountains have evolved into different types.

  • Tiered fountain. Water flows from the top and streams down to many tiers into a huge basin. Designs are often intricate with a touch of classical Mediterranean style. It also makes a great add-on to swimming pools.

  • Wall fountain. Ideal for patios and gateways, wall fountains can be customized to fit into new or existing walls. They appear like they are part of a landscape rather than an added water installation. Because of the plumbing involved, it is advisable to hire professional installers of water features.

  • Disappearing fountain. Referred to as a “pondless” fountain, the water reservoir is concealed underground without an open water pond or basin. It is ideal to position this water installation close to a path or patio, where you can hear the sound of flowing water.

  • Self-contained fountain. “Self-contained” means it has its own water reservoir and doesn’t need to be located in a pond or pool. It is best for patios and decks, and must be placed on leveled ground.


The visual artistry and spellbinding sounds of waterfalls create a breathtaking aesthetic effect on a property’s surroundings. The types of waterfall installations that we can work on include:

  • Wall waterfalls. They are compact in size and usually positioned on a flat vertical surface. Water cascades down in a sheet into a basin. They come in all sizes and can be setup in various ways.

  • Pondless waterfalls. Water flows into a catch basin. Since there is an absence of pond water, it is designed in a way that you do not have to deal with dirt and vast quantities of debris swimming in your waterfall.

Backyard Ponds

Backyard ponds provide a relaxing and calming effect. We understand that the kind of materials used in the construction of ponds will affect how they function or the maintenance they need. The pumps must be functioning 100 percent to keep pond water oxygenated and healthy. Plus filters must be top-quality to effectively remove dirt, debris, and algae. Meanwhile, the pond types that we suggest include:

  • Koi ponds
  • Wildlife or nature ponds
  • Waterfall ponds
  • Swimming ponds
  • Fountain ponds

Clearly, water features are remarkably flexible outdoor accessories, where you can place them almost anywhere you want. Create an interesting landscape setup by getting in touch with WORMS Hardscaping & Landscaping now.


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