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Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls Reading, PADo you have a property with slopes that can erode anytime? If yes, you have to install retaining walls. These features are effective in preventing soil erosion, which can cause damages to landscaping and structures. These walls will also improve the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor area when designed by professional people. They can make your garden and other landscape features look spectacular and beautiful.

If you also want to enjoy these benefits, call an experienced retaining wall builder like us at WORMS Hardscaping & Landscaping. For years, we've been designing and building beautiful retaining walls for residential and commercial property owners in the areas we serve. The walls we build are carefully planned and customized based on our clients’ needs. We always make sure that the design we create meets industry's standards and the wall is made from the finest materials available. This kind of service is one of the reasons why we are very popular in Reading, Mohnton, Lancaster, Pottstown, Lebanon, Hamburg, Leesport, Berks County, Chester County, and Kenhorst, PA. Most property owners in these areas hire us to build not just retaining walls but also other hardscape features in their properties. Please call us at (610) 777-4444 to get more details about our retaining wall installation service.

Retaining Wall Blocks

You will be assured of awesome wall structures if your builder will use premium-quality retaining wall blocks. Choose brands that offer top-quality wall blocks. Some of the most trusted manufacturers include Belgard Hardscapes, Allan Block, and Unilock. They also have beautiful collection of wall blocks that can match any architecture or theme. Here are some of the designs that may suit your project requirements:

  • Anchor Diamond Pro
  • Celtic Wall
  • Antique Quarry
  • Belair Wall
  • Keystone Country Manor
  • Mega Tandem
  • Weston Stone
  • Keystone Compac
  • Anchor Vertica

Concrete Blocks

Concrete blocks are also great materials for retaining wall construction. When installed by professionals like us, you can have sturdy walls that can retain large amount of soil. These masonry materials are also best used for tall retaining wall designs.

Building a Retaining Wall

All hardscape builders will agree that the structural design is the primary consideration when building a retaining wall. Failure of the contractor or homeowner to consider this factor can result in tilting, cracking, bowing, and collapsing walls. This scenario will not only cause damage to properties but also put the lives of your loved ones in danger. You can avoid this from happening by hiring only experienced retaining wall builders.

Retaining Wall Design

Whether you need walls to improve safety in the outdoor area or enhance the appeal of your landscaping, you should always opt for a carefully planned retaining wall design. Your contractor should have in-depth knowledge of the different types of retaining walls to be able to create durable and sturdy walls. Each wall must be designed based on its specific function or application. A 4-inch-tall retaining wall can be built without any additional steel reinforcements. However, walls taller than 4 feet should be designed according to local building codes. They may need structural reinforcements to withstand lateral soil pressure.

Block Walls

The vital functions of retaining walls in your property or landscape should not be understated. Durably built block walls can effectively prevent costly damages caused by soil erosion. They will also enhance safety in your outdoor area and even create new outdoor living spaces. With the help of professionals, you can have a safer, more functional, and more appealing landscape or property.


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