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Retaining Walls

Keystone Country Manor

Keystone Country Manor

Classic Collection

The rustic look of Old English estate walls is deftly captured in Country Manor®Wall. With a remarkably broad range of shapes and colors, it's the ideal choice for freestanding landscape walls, columns and moderate height reinforced retaining walls. Country Manor employs patented pin technology, providing extra strength with an ease of installation that's second-to-none.


3in Wall 3in Wall
3 x 10/14 x 16
3 x 10/10 x 12
3 x 10/8 x 10
3 x 6/6 x 10
3 x 6/4 x 10
6in Wall 6in Wall
6 x 16/14 x 10
6 x 12/12 x 10
6 x 12/10 x 10
6 x 10/8 x 10
6 x 6/4 x 10
Shoulder Pin
Cap Cap
3 x 10 1/2 Front/12 Back x 17 1/4
Country Manor Cap Country Manor Cap
3 x 14 Front/8 Back x 13

Square foot varies depending on installation. All measurements are approximate.
Contact your local Belgard dealer for details.


Bella Blend
Bella Blend
Flash Brown
Flash Brown
Sable Blend
Sable Blend
Sandalwood Blend
Sandalwood Blend


No pattern information is available for this product.